09 November, 2012

My next chapter!!

So.... Guess what?!  I'M MARRIED!!!

I haven't had time to get on here much lately, with planning the little things before the wedding like who needs a corsage, what to put in the corsage, how many aisle decorations to put, blah blah blah... BUT the good news is my husband and I finally made it through the wedding and we are happy, healthy, and alive!  The bad news is I painted my own nails for the wedding (duh) and completely forgot to take a picture for you guys!!  How could I!!  Lucky for us both, I did something suuuppeerr simple =P  Orly Winter Wonderland over white... so I am going to use another bloggers picture!  This picture is from Sondilo's Nail Polishes, and they did OWW over a white creme base.  I did it over My Boyfriend Scales Walls... Which is practically the same thing.

I also put a small gold heart on my left ring finger so when he put my ring on he would see it, but it turned out to be a big blob that you couldn't really see anyways LOL jokes on me!

I know you are all aching for pictures of my dress and my handsome groom, but those will have to wait!  I do not really have any good ones (just fuzzy ones that people snapped on their phones) But as soon as I get my teasers from my professional photographer I will share them with you all =D

I can share a picture I took of our rings though ^.^

and on the inside of his wedding ring I surprised him and had our wedding date engraved =)

That is all for now.... ^.^  ahhhhh newlyweds... so much happiness!

Have a day full of beauty and love!
(I know, I know *barrffffff* =P)