03 April, 2012

All that AND a bag of chips.

This man is from weeks ago, probably a month or two ago, and happens to be a Gelish mani!  On the pink is Gossip Girl and the Orange is Tiger Blossom!

Left hand
Right hand
I really enjoy when the accent fingers are different fingers on each hand.... I do not know why lol... but there it is,  haha! How do you feel about accent fingers??

I have two other things for you today!! One being a humorous tid bit.... ^.^  and the other being a fashion/ do it yourself thing I found on pinterest that if you haven't found already, I wanted to share!

First... the funny tid bit.... If dogs could text.  (its kinda long, but funny as heck!)-- Sorry its so dang bit LOL

Second, the fashion/ DIY Pinterest find that I have been utilizing lately.... 

original post found at:  http://www.fineandfeathered.com/blog/2011/10/diy-criss-cross-headband.html

But instead of just tying it, I have made a little bow =) lol and sometimes I will flip it around and put the bow in front... but I have to be feeling REALLY girly that day LOL
I just use those fabric belts that come with some dresses that we almost always throw out and replace with real belts of some sort -- now you can use them for something!

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Oh yeah,
and since my title calls for it....