24 August, 2012

Women V. Men

I completely wish I could take credit for this, alas, I cannot.  I ran across this (once again) on my daily peruse on pinterest, and quite nearly laughed aloud and I decided my lovely ladies that share my love for painting nails and all that goes along with that endeavor needed to see it as well.

Ladies, and the inevitable gentleman or two that will be shown this.... be revealed the truth.

Now you can't say THAT hasn't happened at least once in your life!  LOL

You may be on with your day now, I just though I would share... and in case you were curious, no I didn't have any nails to show you today.  Well I do, but I am in a hurry, and I have yet to edit/ watermark them... so technically I don't.  ^.^

Have a magnificent day!

21 August, 2012

Neon Nautical Nails

I could go on and on about how I'm busy, but I wont bore you... so let us jump right in!  Today I have for you a Summery Neon Nautical themed nail design.  It has a blocky, abstract feel to it, but the colors are to die for!  A note, these are not my fingers, only my haniwork!  Welcome our hand model, Alexa :)

03 August, 2012

Marble Mayhem

As I move through my hectic life, I still find time to water marble my nails.... I recently bought a bunch of chhhheaaappppp really great nail polishes from Sally's from their sale!  I got 8 polishes, and I was super eager to try my new green!!!  Orly's (Ancient Jade I think....?)  if that is not it, it is surely veryyyyy close to it.  It has a super creamy base to it and is beautiful!  I painted my toesies with it, but no need to go on about that lol  I watermarbled with that green, a white from china glaze, and Heaven by China Glaze.  Heaven did not show up very well on a lot of fingers, in hindsight I should have picked a darker nude peachy color.  Next time....

This is what I got =)

They are still messy.... cleanup after water marbling is.... well it is a riot.  As you can see I added dots in selective spots.  Water marbling is so much more interesting with dotted lines =)  

Don't forget to let me know what you think!