30 April, 2012

To Holo, or Not to Holo....

That is the question!!!

I spent like... an hour deciding whether or not I wanted holo on my nails. which is dumb because of course I wanted holo on my nails!!!   I LOVE HOLOS!!!  So for finals week, I decided a holo was necessary.  I, therefore did a reddish orange ( Zoya Lana) and then did a.... *ahem* rather uneven and spotty layer of O.P.I DS Sapphire (my baby <3) on top of that for the holo effect!  And. I. Love. It.


26 April, 2012

An Ap-peel-ing Guest! Aren't you Gelish!

Ok... so I fell off the face of the planet.  Sorry about that!  And I will probably be super busy for the next couple of weeks!!  My fiance and I will be moving across the country, so until mid June I may not be posting much lol But for now, lets just enjoy each others company!!  Todays post is a guest appearance from Brittani again!  I did another Gelish mani for her, and I LOVE the way it turned out!!

18 April, 2012

Fantasy for my Fingers Too!

Ok, I'm supposed to be doing homework, but a blog (though distracting) is the perfect procrastination tool!  Anyhow, forward we march! This polish, although entitled Flip Flop Fantasy, is beautiful on fingers as well, though I must admit that it is one of my least favorite to apply...  In any case, the color that comes from the application is well worth the hassle.  To add some spice to my neon fingertips, I added a Nubar fleck on top.  You could only see the fleck when I was inside, otherwise the polish was just too bright to be able to see the iridescent beauty that lined the tops of my polished digits, however, addition of the flecks was something else... I loved it while I was inside, and desperately missed it when I was outside!!

In this one I was trying to show the brightness more than the fleck.  Much to my chagrin, the brightness cannot effectively be captured on camera =/

This is a more accurate portrayal, but still not even close to the neon magnificence. 

This one was intended to show the fleck... you cant REALLY see it... but it is there... swearsies!  Click on it to make it bigger so you can see them better =)

and a question... Does ANYONE know where I can get one of these???  I may be in love!
Nom nom nom  Pac man wins again!

I dont have much else for you guys today, and I really should be off to do my homework anyhow... so... I suppose Ta-Ta for now!  

Have a beautiful day!!

16 April, 2012

Cinderella and Strawberry Fields Flowers

Oh my gosh I'm so far behind on life!!  Sorry I haven't blogged in so long!  Wedding planning and working on finals/ finishing homework so I can graduate in 18 days is eating up all of my free time lol  here is what I have for you today!!  I went to my aunts baby shower, so I semi-themed my nails =)  baby blue with baby pink glass fleck speclkes (Cinderella from Sinful colors) and  two accent nails on each hand that are a bright dark-ish pink with gold glass fleck speckles (Strawberry fields by China Glaze) lol and it seemed quite plain so I added little flowers (since the baby is supposed to be a BABY GIRL :D).  I used a speckled black (Stone cold from China Glaze's Hunger Game series) and the petals were a suuuperrrr light pink, almost pearly white (Play the Peonies by O.P.I)  And this is how they turned out
left hand
right hand

Read on to see more!

07 April, 2012

The Chicks are Out to Play!... For Easter ;)

I am so excited to show you guys my Easter mani!!!! I did little chicks on 7 of my fingers, and on the other 3 I made little Easter Eggs!
The pinkie nail on this hand was my absolute favorite nail!  I really like how that one came out!
Left hand-- Extra baby chickies for this hand ^.^

04 April, 2012

Blogger Liebster Award

Liebster Award!  Long overdue and greatly appreciated, this award came from the very talented Cee!!  Thank you so much!!  She had the patience to Google the award and discovered that it was of German descent, and the term "Liebster," means "Favorite, beloved, and dearest."  How sweet!!

1.  Put the link to who gave you the award.
2.  Put the award in your post.
3.  Choose 5 blogs under 200 followers and give them the award.
4.  Let them know that you have awarded them.

1. Bethany-- She has some amazing glitters in her collection!
2. The Lacquer Tracker-- She always has her very helpful domo friends help her out =)  quite humorous I think! 
3. Paulina-- Her latest Easter nails are adorable =D
4.Amanda-- Her nail art is to die for!  Check out her Sunflowers with ladybugs on them from March 26th!
5. Lacquer & Lattes-- Coffee and Nail polish... yes please.  Check out their awesome chevy mani from Feb 28th!

Have a beautiful night ladies!!

03 April, 2012

All that AND a bag of chips.

This man is from weeks ago, probably a month or two ago, and happens to be a Gelish mani!  On the pink is Gossip Girl and the Orange is Tiger Blossom!

Left hand
Right hand

01 April, 2012

I Need Your Votes =)

Ok everyone! I was selected in the top 10 to be the Billboard Bride (who is the face that is put on 

all of the billboards and advertising for the Omaha Bridal Showcase)!! Today voting starts to 

narrow it down to the top 3, so help me out ! You can (should) vote for me once every day from 

today until April 8th  Like this page:  http://www.facebook.com/OmahaBridalShowcase   or go

 to facebook and search "Omaha Bridal Showcase" , like the page, find the contestants and type 

in my name (Niki Kadin) or like my photo to vote! Have all of your 

friends and family help me out too!!! 

I'm recruiting from beyond facebook land, but if you have one, I would love for you to find me and 

support me!!

Ready??? GO!!!

disclaimer:  I was ill-prepared for a photo this day.... -_-  normally I look SO much better than this... swearsies!