09 November, 2012

My next chapter!!

So.... Guess what?!  I'M MARRIED!!!

I haven't had time to get on here much lately, with planning the little things before the wedding like who needs a corsage, what to put in the corsage, how many aisle decorations to put, blah blah blah... BUT the good news is my husband and I finally made it through the wedding and we are happy, healthy, and alive!  The bad news is I painted my own nails for the wedding (duh) and completely forgot to take a picture for you guys!!  How could I!!  Lucky for us both, I did something suuuppeerr simple =P  Orly Winter Wonderland over white... so I am going to use another bloggers picture!  This picture is from Sondilo's Nail Polishes, and they did OWW over a white creme base.  I did it over My Boyfriend Scales Walls... Which is practically the same thing.

I also put a small gold heart on my left ring finger so when he put my ring on he would see it, but it turned out to be a big blob that you couldn't really see anyways LOL jokes on me!

I know you are all aching for pictures of my dress and my handsome groom, but those will have to wait!  I do not really have any good ones (just fuzzy ones that people snapped on their phones) But as soon as I get my teasers from my professional photographer I will share them with you all =D

I can share a picture I took of our rings though ^.^

and on the inside of his wedding ring I surprised him and had our wedding date engraved =)

That is all for now.... ^.^  ahhhhh newlyweds... so much happiness!

Have a day full of beauty and love!
(I know, I know *barrffffff* =P)

15 October, 2012

Something Sweet and Uneven....

I have so many manis to show you guys, I don't know where to begin!!  It hurts to type still, so I will just show you the simple one today =)  I did two more Breast Cancer Awareness manis, but I wasnt satisfied with either, so I'm not putting them up lol.  The ideas behind them were pretty simple though. One was a pink and holo gradient with a ribbon on each ring finger and the other was a jelly sanwich with pink glitter and essie marshmallow on some fingers, the white polish with a big ribbon on some nails, and a jelly sandwich but instead of glitter, putting little ribbons on the nail.  But that one came out terrible.... so on with my simplest and latest.  This one is pink... so I guess it counts... there is no ribbon or anything but oh well!

You will notice that the nails on my right hand are significantly longer than the ones on my right hand.... I cant file them yet because the vibrations hurt and I cant quite get the angle to do it lol so they are loonnggg and I havent been able to do much with my right hand so breakage wasn't an issue... man do they look prettttyyyyyy.  My left hand is jealous!

This is CG Something Sweet.  I. Love. It.   On the pinkie there is also a layer of OPI's Pirouette my Whistle.

Right hand

Right hand

Left hand

Left hand, sorry the colors are all phooey

 I love this color so much, it is like big girl baby pink.

On a different note, I am a Seche Vite convert...  I was terrified to try it, but it is absolutely amazing!  It dries so fast and I dont have a problem with shrinkage, all I did was make sure to wrap the tip and that got rid of the problem =)  and its soooo shiny ^.^

Anyhow, back to healing and being super busy with wedding stuff.  ONLY three more weeks!!!

and a cute picture =)

My puppy, Lily, was nuzzling me when I was taking pictures of these nails =) lol it was so cute!! and she matches my pants =P

04 October, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Kickoff

So, its October!!! Which means we will be seeing lots of fall mani's and Halloween mani's, but make sure you break out those pink polishes we all know you have and squeeze in a Breast Cancer Awareness design or two  =)

I just had surgery on my hand (yesterday lol), but I couldn't wait to do some of those pink ribbon designs that are rolling around in my head!  This is the first one I did =) Obviously I can only paint one hand, and that- lucky me- is my dominant one... SO my lovelies, please stay with me, as not only is the design done left handed, but the photos are awkward because I cant move my wrist and I took the pics left handed.... it was quite the adventure =P  So.... yeah sorry about the whole ugly bandage thing, but I just couldn't go without you guys (or painting my nails) =P

A close up of my nail art glitter BC Ribbon-- I actually thought it would show up more pink. Good news though, IRL it is more pink than this (I just wish it were more pink lol).
Two water marble nails, and the colors I used were Rimmel London's Posh Pink, Essie's Raise Awareness, and OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I did put some glitter pieces in the two marble nails but you can't quite get the effect from a photo, it pops WAY more in real life.

and this is my boo boo =( so big and easy to bump!!
I'm so excited to do the next one!!!  Which idea do I use???  Stay tuned and you will find out!!

Pink Power!!!