07 March, 2012

She's not a Cheat-ah, but she's Fierce!

So today I did my friend, Brittani's nails.  I LOVE them!!!  I learned how to do a Cheetah print and I practiced on her ;)  I love when my friends let me paint their nails lol Anyways, onward we go!  For this mani I used the following:
Rimmel Base Coat/ Top Coat Pro,  Finger Paints Paper Mache, Wet n' Wild I need a Refresh-Mint,
Rimmel in Posh pink, Wild Orchid, and Black Satin
And here was the result =) There are a TON of pictures... I had to =P sorry!!!

animal print all the way bay-bee (I bought this in Italy :) )
It was colorful, and we were made brownie rolls (homemade ho-ho's) so it was available! 

 I love colorful mani's =)  What do you think of my first cheetah mani?? What would you do differently =)

On a different note, today is my fiance's birthday!  So a happy birthday to him!!

*sniffle* *sniffle* I moustache you... why do they always grow up so fast???!

No?  Did I try too hard??

Lol  well in that case, I must ask you have a good day instead.  ;)  Stay Fierce!


  1. that color combo with the cheetah print is so cute!

    1. Thanks!! I was hoping for a little bit more pastel, but I'm still super pleased with the results :D

  2. I love that! The colours work perfectly together!