03 August, 2012

Marble Mayhem

As I move through my hectic life, I still find time to water marble my nails.... I recently bought a bunch of chhhheaaappppp really great nail polishes from Sally's from their sale!  I got 8 polishes, and I was super eager to try my new green!!!  Orly's (Ancient Jade I think....?)  if that is not it, it is surely veryyyyy close to it.  It has a super creamy base to it and is beautiful!  I painted my toesies with it, but no need to go on about that lol  I watermarbled with that green, a white from china glaze, and Heaven by China Glaze.  Heaven did not show up very well on a lot of fingers, in hindsight I should have picked a darker nude peachy color.  Next time....

This is what I got =)

They are still messy.... cleanup after water marbling is.... well it is a riot.  As you can see I added dots in selective spots.  Water marbling is so much more interesting with dotted lines =)  

Don't forget to let me know what you think!

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