21 August, 2012

Neon Nautical Nails

I could go on and on about how I'm busy, but I wont bore you... so let us jump right in!  Today I have for you a Summery Neon Nautical themed nail design.  It has a blocky, abstract feel to it, but the colors are to die for!  A note, these are not my fingers, only my haniwork!  Welcome our hand model, Alexa :)

With some cute suffed baby bull

The design was pinterest inspired, but the design that we were originally going for had a green seafoam color instead of neon yellow in the middle, and a light gold instead of copper, so we modified it based on the colors I have in my stash.  Personally I love how these came out and am ssuuuuppperrr jealous that these are not my fingers.... such is life, I suppose.  The colors I used are as follows:  Zoya's Phoebe (matte), China Glaze's white on white and Celtic Sun (neon), and for "striping" I used Revlon's Copper penny.  

I would love to put up recent pictures of my nails, but a moment of silence please.............. I had to chop of my nails because I had to babysit my beautiful niece and rambunctious nephew last week and heavens forgive me, I hurt my nephew with my fingernail, so one or the other had to go.  Not even a delay in the decision, off they went, and even though they never really get very long, they are to be mourned nonetheless. 

On to an unrelated yet tangential topic, I found a picture today and it redefined optimism for me.....

And there you have it.... Optimism to the max!

Don't forget to comment and add me!  Have an optimistic, and beautiful day!!


  1. I adore this mani- gorgeous. You're very talented! I love how you used Revlon Copper Penny for striping. And I also appreciate your "glass is always full" optimism!

    1. I love it too!! Thanks so much ^.^ We were deciding between black and copper but I couldn't pull my eyes away from the copper... too magnificent lol