24 August, 2012

Women V. Men

I completely wish I could take credit for this, alas, I cannot.  I ran across this (once again) on my daily peruse on pinterest, and quite nearly laughed aloud and I decided my lovely ladies that share my love for painting nails and all that goes along with that endeavor needed to see it as well.

Ladies, and the inevitable gentleman or two that will be shown this.... be revealed the truth.

Now you can't say THAT hasn't happened at least once in your life!  LOL

You may be on with your day now, I just though I would share... and in case you were curious, no I didn't have any nails to show you today.  Well I do, but I am in a hurry, and I have yet to edit/ watermark them... so technically I don't.  ^.^

Have a magnificent day!


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    1. Every time I have a bunch of reds to choose from and I ask my fiance which one he likes best, he always picks one and says, "the red one." There is such a big difference between them! LOL