25 September, 2012

Nom Nom NOME!!

MMMYYYY First franken!!!  LOOKEY!  It came in the mail and the package had cute little fishy stickers, I loved it!!!!  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!  So... I sharesies!   Here, my friends, is Nome King II, by the talented (and cleverly named) A Rhyming Dictionary.  I purchased this polish here for $7.50 plus shipping and handling.
Fishy, fishy, fishy!  And my description card =)  
 It was really, really hard to catch the glitter in the bottle, I had to utilize the lip and kinda scrape it off of the side of the lip on the top, but I managed.  It is definitely a bisnatch to apply, but a gem to behold.  I think that it is worth the ache in the end.  As with most "jelly sandwich without the work/layers" nailpolishes, this polish has some chunk to it that has to be evened out with a good topcoat.

As you can see there IS lots of glitter in it, I just couldn't seem to fish any of it out...
Add flash to show how squishy it looks, fah reals. I could just eat it up! 

I'm super excited to have gotten my one of many nail polishes I have ordered online recently, in the mail!!  Coming soon I have another franken with a white base that I'm stoked to show you guys, My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI, Marsmallow by Essie, and Rejeuvocate for my peelies and weak nails.  I have heard Rejeuvocate is good, I hope it works for me!

I also have gotten into makeup recently, and I did some the other day that I LOVED!!  I had a super hard time getting a good picture of it, so pardon the poor quality, but here is a pic of the colors I used, and the pattern of my shirt that I was matching to.

I really wish I could show you with my eye open!  I had a FIERCE cat eye wing!  Maybe next time! LOL!

Have a NOM NOME licious day!!

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