27 September, 2012

Baby steps....

So I tried to do a sponge gradient for the first time ever.... haha. Well... Let me just show you.

left hand

right hand

left hand again
I don't hate them... but I can definitely say I don't love them, and I need practice on the sponging ombre front.  I did go back and add a little gem to the ring finger on the outer corner, and I liked that a little more... but... still. In case anybody cares, the colors I used is Clinique Cool Taupe, and China Glaze White on White.

I used an eyeshadow applicator thing to do the ombre instead of a sponge or anything because I didn't have any sponges... I actually liked the eyeshadow applicator, but I will have to do some trial and error before I settle on which I like best.   Shown below is kind of what I used:

Any tips on how to make the gradient more gradual, or how to make it all around... just better???  Help! 


  1. gradients drive me nuts. I've been doing baby steps on them for months now. They seem to be going backwards for me :OP

    1. Keep trying, it will be an adventure for us both!! We can do it!

  2. Hm...I used one of those triangular make up sponges and included the base color on the sponge then dabbed it on so it had a gradual look. But the eye shadow applicator sounds like a good idea, I might try that and see how it works.

    1. Let me know which one works better for you!!