12 September, 2012

Seeing Spots

So it's Flu season and guess who didn't get their shot..... this little lady.  I had that stupid thing like three times in a row.  I have started a beautiful regimen of chugging vitamin C... that ought to kick it  ^.^  So needless to say I have been a little... ahem... preoccupied with other things, so no new nails recently, but I have some pretty cute old ones to show you!!  I was so excited to show them to you guys before but I didn't get a chance to lol but here they are!

left hand-- note the bow =)

Right hand-- note the lack of a bow

my pretty bow ^.^

a non-edited picture of the colors I used-- Both Essie
These were SOOOOO CUTE on!!!!  I felt like a little girl again!  I am not really a big fan of either pink or purple, but I decided to just go for it.... and together they are nauseatingly girly but delightfully fun. I got a lot of compliments on them for the two or three days I had them on!  I really wanted to try JUST polka dots for once, because I do a lot of designs with polka dots in them, but not just polka dots and I loved it =D lol

I am in love with polka dot nails... I am not sure why.  Any design with polka dots, I will pretty much like it.  Except I tried on recently that didn't go so well... but that is another story for another day, maybe a fail nail day or something LOL

and for the funny picture for today....


Have a polka-dot-tastic day!