12 March, 2012

I sold my soul for a Kindle Fire...

I have been put on a Stop 'til you drop shop cessation. Sounds about right... I needed a break from purchasing so many nail polishes!!!  I made a promise that if I didn't buy any nail polish for two months... I repeat, TWO MONTHS... I could have a kindle fire.  So for the next two months, I challenge myself to find different ways to use the polishes I have to create new designs!  I think it will be fun!!!  A challenge within a challenge!  Challenge-ception! I can do this!!  Anyhow, I have a new Kindle Fire out of the deal, so I am thrilled to say the least =D

Now on to business!

I actually did this mani the day after the last Cheetah print mani.   It is a twist off of the last cheetah print mani, but is very different from it.  Brittani and I had matching-ish mani's!!!  I was going to entitle it "Copy Cat" (get it, because Cheetahs are felines??)  but she was pretty excited about it, and so was I, sooooo I opted to go without a title and use my intro as the title lol

Any how, my latest purchase, BEFORE I sold my soul, was these beauties

Zoya's Lolly, Phoebe, and Mitzi (respectfully)

They are a matte collection from 2011.  I am quite nearly in love with Phoebe.... pardon the phrase.  The colors are amazinnngggg  and Pheobe has this shimmer to it that just gleams with radiance.  I did have trouble with application, however.  It may just be because they were matte, but they kept catching and smearing the previous layer.  They also chipped SUPER fast even though I had done a topcoat, and then another layer on top as suggested by other bloggers.  But I still love the colors, and will definitely be using them again lol.  Anyhow, enough of my jabber about the product and onward with the mani!

Just to get a feel for the colors:  without the cheetah print
With the cheetah print (left hand)
Left hand
Right hand-- Isn't Phoebe (ring finger) gorgeous??!!?!?
Right hand
Close-up of the cheetah print on one of my pointer fingers
Can you imagine if Cheetahs were actually pink... or blue... or mulit colored...???

Not nearly as scary looking.  But I guess that could be part of their ploy!  I suppose I should leave you with a pink cheetah, and I will go on with my soul-less self holding fast to my Kindle Fire :D  

I hope you all have a beautiful day!!!


  1. Love the frosted bottles and your cheetah print...sucks that they chip fast :( I'm not a big fan of matte polishes, it makes me think of a chalkboard and it makes me cringe lol

    1. I love the bottles.too! Excepth when they rub together lol and thanks :) I'm really into this cheetah thing :) the chipping sucks, but I did just put a topcoat and wear them shiny for a day or two and I finally couldn't take the chipping any longer. I completely understand whet you mean about matte nail polishes reminding you of chalk boards, too! I was too excited about the Colorado to worry about it though :P lol