26 April, 2012

An Ap-peel-ing Guest! Aren't you Gelish!

Ok... so I fell off the face of the planet.  Sorry about that!  And I will probably be super busy for the next couple of weeks!!  My fiance and I will be moving across the country, so until mid June I may not be posting much lol But for now, lets just enjoy each others company!!  Todays post is a guest appearance from Brittani again!  I did another Gelish mani for her, and I LOVE the way it turned out!!

I gave her mismatching accent nails-- True Niki style ;)  and the slight green tint of the glitter was a perfect compliment to this orange!  The very minimal pink in the center of the flowers was super cute too =)  This is probably one of my favorite Gelish manis so far!  What do you think??  Don't judge ME on the absurd lengths of her fingernails... she wouldn't let me make them all match.  I was very upset, but she doesn't care that her fingernails look silly when they are all different lengths!  Oh well... what can I do...

Anywho, the orange is (2 layers of )Tiger Blossom, the Glitter is (about 6 layers of) Emerald Dust, and the pink is (....a dot of) Gossip Girl =)  I hope you enjoy!  P.S.

AAANNNDDD also true to form.....

** drum roll please**

Duh- Duh- CHHHHH


Have a Beautiful Day

P.S.  I hope you like the Title!!  I put a lot of thought into that!!  LOL  ;)