07 April, 2012

The Chicks are Out to Play!... For Easter ;)

I am so excited to show you guys my Easter mani!!!! I did little chicks on 7 of my fingers, and on the other 3 I made little Easter Eggs!
The pinkie nail on this hand was my absolute favorite nail!  I really like how that one came out!
Left hand-- Extra baby chickies for this hand ^.^

Right hand!  The eggs were so hard to do with my left hand!
A close up of one of my favorite nails =) lol
What do you guys think??  I love the little chicks!  Just cracking out of their shells!  I wanted their feet in there, but my nails are so tiny! Lol!  I hope everyone has an absolutely beautiful Easter tomorrow!  With this fab mani, among other things, I know I will =)

I also took shots of my first yellow polish, and since not all of my nails were yellow, there are some pink nails in there too.  This is the yellow from Ice (I don't know the name-- and it's too far away... heh)

I am quite surprised and pleased with how this yellow looked with my skin tone =)

Don't forget to comment and follow!!!  Have a magnificent Easter, and make sure to be grateful for all that you have, even if all you have is a bottle of Zoya and Jack.

AANNDD  one for the road

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