01 April, 2012

I Need Your Votes =)

Ok everyone! I was selected in the top 10 to be the Billboard Bride (who is the face that is put on 

all of the billboards and advertising for the Omaha Bridal Showcase)!! Today voting starts to 

narrow it down to the top 3, so help me out ! You can (should) vote for me once every day from 

today until April 8th  Like this page:  http://www.facebook.com/OmahaBridalShowcase   or go

 to facebook and search "Omaha Bridal Showcase" , like the page, find the contestants and type 

in my name (Niki Kadin) or like my photo to vote! Have all of your 

friends and family help me out too!!! 

I'm recruiting from beyond facebook land, but if you have one, I would love for you to find me and 

support me!!

Ready??? GO!!!

disclaimer:  I was ill-prepared for a photo this day.... -_-  normally I look SO much better than this... swearsies!

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