30 April, 2012

To Holo, or Not to Holo....

That is the question!!!

I spent like... an hour deciding whether or not I wanted holo on my nails. which is dumb because of course I wanted holo on my nails!!!   I LOVE HOLOS!!!  So for finals week, I decided a holo was necessary.  I, therefore did a reddish orange ( Zoya Lana) and then did a.... *ahem* rather uneven and spotty layer of O.P.I DS Sapphire (my baby <3) on top of that for the holo effect!  And. I. Love. It.


Artificial lighing (led flashlight)

I am truly sorry for the crappy pictures... I have such a hard time capturing the true beauty of Holographic nail polishes =\  tips???  

Anyhow, I was considering doing a nail art of some sort, but I did not for two reasons.  1. I ran out of time and 2. I firmly believe that holos are too beautiful for nail art lol

and in case you were curious what allows me to make that assessment, this is:

 JK  I just wanted to use that picture LOL  =P  but seriously... holos are too cool for nail art... Truth.

I hope you all have a Magnificent day, and don't forget to comment and follow!  =D


  1. Lol that picture is adorable! I did a holo for exams too! It makes me happy to look at while I'm writing!