02 March, 2012

Polka Dot Pedi

After a long day of cleaning I decided to do my toes =)  Don't judge... Toes are not my forte!  And I could definitely have stood to use cuticle oil or skin cream before I took pictures... my skin is hella dry from the weather-- Oopsie!!  Also, please excuse my sausage toes ^.^ they came that way.

I used Fingerpaints Paper Mache (hold the accents-- I don't know how to make those... =P) as my base color, and for the dots I used Hard as Nails Purple Potion, Nicole Listen to Your Momager, China Glaze Cha Cha Cha, China Glaze 108 Degrees, and a Sally Girl mini that doesn't have a name.

I kinda messed up my right foot... LOL the dots are not spaced out evenly

A close up of the left big toe
I think next time I will do the dots differently.  This time I did each color separately, first pink, then orange, green, purple, then blue last... next time I think I will do dots starting from the top and do them in a pattern or something and maybe that will help with the spacing!  What do you guys think??


Just sayin.


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