31 March, 2012

Dollar store dots

In an effort to catch up, Im posting two today!  This is my dollar store nail polish day.... These little dots look adorable, and I love them even though they were cheap... and I may be in love with this blue.  They may not last long, but they are both the perfect shades, and fairly easy to work with.  I liked them.  This mani matched my outfit that day (though it was basketball shorts and a T-shirt lol)

I could not settle on which scarf I liked better, so I used them both!!!  LOL

The dots =)
 These are the colors I used, the Nail envy aided in not keeping the  colors on, so I cannot blame that entirely on the cheap brands of color.

What do you guys think??  For a dollar for the silver and a dollar for the blue, I think this mani is pretty bangin, if you disagree, that is cool too =P 

We all know its never really intentional but... sometimes it just happens.  lol


  1. Sometimes I just love dollar store polishes too. They have some pretty awesome colours! I found an ridiculously awesome glitterbomb last week. It smells terrible so I'm sure it has awful things in it but I figure I'm layering anyway.

    I love your combo of silver and blue. 2$ mani FTW!

  2. Haha! yeah sometimes you find some great stuff at the dollar store!! Especially those really good ones! ;) Sounds like your glitterbomb was one of them lol FTW for both of us! =D