01 March, 2012

Nubar Holo! Isn't she a beaut!

Just because I feel like my page is naked, I will post another one from the past... =) This is one of my Holo babies, Nubar Reclaim.  This particular mani was also a sandwich mani, but this one was not as effective as the last.  I did not have my structure gel at this point, so even as I was taking pictures they were denting and smudging and the like.

I added quite a few pictures of this one because you cannot fully soak up the beauty with just one or two, so hold on tight!! 

This was with a LED flashlight shining on it

I believe this was just with a normal light shining on it

Under a fluorescent kitchen light

With flash
Again with the LED flashlight =) 

This stayed on with no chipping for about five days-- mind you even with full Gelish my manicures do not stay on well-- I guess I have SUPER non- sticky skin??  Anywho, I emphasize "chipping" because although there was no chippin', they were scratched, and dented and smudged.... I should have taken after pictures, that would have been worth a laugh! lol  

Have a fantastic day!! =D

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