24 March, 2012

Guest you wanna Polka??

Another guest appearance, my brothers girlfriend!!!  For this mani, I started with Loreal's Amazons Flare, which is a pink jelly (which I do not prefer-- I am much more fond of full coverage)  and did the dots with three old polishes I had laying around my house: NYC's Downtown, and unnamed shimmery pink Wet 'n' wild, d Sally Hansen's Girlie Glimmer.

The polka dots took up residence on her left thumb and ring finger, and her right pinkie and pointer fingers =)  I personally enjoy the "randomness" although I took great care in choosing which fingers I put dots on (besides the point LOL)  And you can see on the pointer finger and the ring fingers I did not leave enough space to make a legitimate pattern, but technically it still works because there is one like the other on each hand!  So ha!  I win!  =P  Anyhow, just a quick update, now on to bigger and better things... like looking up funny jokes on the interwebs... or pinterest.... or ya know...  anything I suppose.  =)

One for my Nebraska friends:


Until next time... something to ponder....???


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    1. Thanks, luckily she was quite fond of it =) I love the electricity it gives off without it actually being a neon color, but like I said, I have a personal preference for full coverage and less for jellies... maybe that is just my OCD kicking in though lol ^.^