31 March, 2012

Hi- Def Gradient

 So... I have been a way for a hot second.  Lol I have been wrapped up in life and all that goes along with it! I have a simple mani for you that I did while I was home, stranded without clean up tools (my brush and good acetone) but I managed a decent mani anyhow  =)  It only lasted about a day though, because I used a veeerryyy non-sticky base coat that would NOT adhere to my nails- not that manis last long on me anyways (even with a great base coat I can only usually get about three days out of them, maybe four)  Anyhow, this is Sally Hansens HD Byte with a gradient using a Wet 'n' Wild glitter.

This is just a color swatch of Sally Hansens HD Byte, no glitter at all.

Fun fact a byte is a unit of data that is eight binary digits long... not that it matters to do nails , but I thought I would toss it int =)

Since I made this such a boring post, I will show you guys a picture I took of my baby niece while I was home =)  
Her name is Isabella-- Izzi, or LaLa for short.


Introducing LaLa!!!!

A second one for good measure??  
I think so.

and now that my proud auntie moment, my phenomenal photography skills, and my lacquer talents have been put on a pedestal... let us bid adieu and fare well to one another =)  don't forget to follow and comment!  

Have a beautiful day!!


  1. Ohh, Byte is gorgeous! And I love it with a glitter gradient. Come to think of it, I've never met a glitter gradient I didn't like! Adorable pics of your niece, too. :) Beautiful.

    1. Yes Byte is a very pretty pink =) It was my first attempt at a glitter gradient, so I'm super happy that you like it!! Lol! And thanks =) My niece is an absolute gem ^.^ hehe