21 March, 2012

Mommas' Marbled Mani

Hello, Hello!! Long time no blog!  I have a reason!!!  I am in a different state, my home state/town to be exact =)  I love being home and spending time with my family so much that my blog is suffering.  In any case today we have a guest appearance!  My mom =D  I painted her nails yesterday, something super simple, so this will be a quick one.  For her I wanted something seductive, cause mama needs some love ;) so I started with a dark pink from NYC called Downtown that may very well be 3 years old.

NYC's Downtown
 And then I water marbled her pointer fingers for some edge.   The water marble did not work as planned because I used an old polish, a sheer polish, and a polish that dries too quickly.... all of which are not preferable qualities for water marbling. Well... that and I had a screaming two year old running around that kept bumping the table and trying to play with my water... he was a little pink by the end of this escapade. Oops...  In any case, this is how it turned out.

After the finger on the right, although they would look different, we/ I decided to nix the sheer nail polish because it was messing with the design, so we did and the nail on the right is the product.  I think it worked much better, although it took several tries to do it quick enough that the quick drying polish wouldn't dry too quickly.  In the end, it looked alright and we were happy, although I, personally, would have liked to have had my clean-up brush.... it is quite messy looking because I did not have it lol

Fun story: my older brother (25) learned-ish how to water marble... he got to about the second ring and then left the table and let it dry haha!!  He was amazed at how it spread!  When the first drop spread, he got all excited and was like, "What do I do now, what do I do??" He ended up choosing a color that was iridescent and when it spread he said "this one is oily so it probably wont work, right?"  hahah boys.

All- In- All, I don't think I would call this one of my more successful manicures, but it wasn't a total flop either.  Mom was happy, and the customer is always right... but I am her kid, and she may have just been trying to keep me happy by not going "ew... seriously....? Can I take it off yet?"  Haha Either way, I got a blog post, a good laugh, and a  pink nephew out of it... so I am happy ^.^


  1. Pretty water marble! As long as you got a laugh out of it...it's good! :)

    1. Haha Thanks, and I did, I guess in the end that is what matters =P