05 March, 2012

Diagonal Pastel Dots

Soooooo I got some new colors from the drugstore today and I bought two pastels that I was DYING to use!!    So I did :)  For this mani I started with Rimmel Wild Orchid-- I was feeling in a Purpley mood ^.^

^Truest color^
And then I wanted to add some phizaz (sp??) to it...  I was going to put it on all of the fingers, but I was WAY too impatient, so I just put it on the two middle fingers lol.  Maybe another day when I have more time and less homework to do... for now there is this!  I added Wet n' Wild in I need a Refresh-Mint and topped it of with Seche Vite UV and it smeared... Oopsie!

with flash
with flash

This hand had a LOT of smearing.  Its not my "strong hand" lol 

Now I supposed I have put off my homework long enough.... onward to the homework frontier!  I'm putting up a brave face... this is how I really feel...

Have a better night than I will ;)

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